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  • What box do you recommend sending to someone who lost their mother or father?
    The Grief Box is always a good gift to send to anyone who is grieving, but we also offer boxes for children who are grieving. So depending on their age you could send them the Forever Guardian Box or the Grieving Child Box.
  • Is there a box for someone who lost their dog or cat?
    Yes! The Pet Loss Box is perfect for that.
  • Who's info goes in the "shipping address" when placing an order?"
    When placing an order make sure to put the name & address of the person you are sending the box to in the shipping info section. Make sure to put YOUR email not theirs, since a confirmation email with tracking info will be emailed out as soon as the box is shipped.
  • Can I make a hybrid box with items from two different boxes?
    Yes! Email for more details on creating a custom box.
  • What should I send to someone who lost a loved a year or two ago?
    The Memorial Box!
  • What box should I send to someone who has cancer?
    We recommend sending the Thinking Of You Box.
  • Is there a box for someone who had a miscarriage?
    Yes! The Untold Story box is for anyone who has experienced a miscarriage.
  • Can I add an item to a box?
    Yes, once you select a box you can add in additional items before checking out. If you don't see the item you want, just send us a message.
  • Which box do you recommend for a male?
    We can change the color of the box to black for any men receiving it, and can also customize the items inside. The Grief Box is currently our most unisex box.
  • What do you use to cushion the items inside each box?
    We use a combination of white crinkle paper, white tissue paper, and on top of the tissue paper we add white feathers!
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